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Automatic Air Control

Available in feed rate sizes from 150 to 750lbs. of coal per hour, the Bin Feed Model Stoker features an easy to install Windbox type burner. Dual motors drive the gear transmission and blower fan. An eight foot bin pick-up unit is standard on all models. Sectional coal screws and tubes for easy replacement are featured at no extra cost.FeaturesAutomatic Air Control Prevents excessive soot and smoke by automatically regulating fuel bed requirements.Clean-Out Plate Hopper models have convenient clean-out plate for easy removal of any obstruction in coal screw.Transmission Proven through fifty years of dependable field use, the transmission features rugged gearing operating in a bath of oil within a cast iron case. Three available coal feedrate speeds, plus neutral, are controlled by an external gear shifting lever.Smoke Eliminator Eliminates back-flow of combustion chamber gasses by air injected into worm housing.Overload Protection Shear pin gives positive protection against damage to transmission.Tuyeres Self-cleaning Venturi Stepped type, properly sized for coals to be used. Sectional design for easy removal.